The Izit Leather Hats Story

The African bush veld is a challenging place to survive; those who thrive are people who find the right balance between rugged toughness and soft flexibility. We knew that for any hat to hold up to the harsh African sun, rain and dust it would need to be rough and rugged, yet soft and supple. We’ve built these attributes into our hats; each offers a perfect fit and ideal protection from the outset.

Every Izit hat is unique and carries the scars of its individual history. The materials we use hail from as far afield as the source of the Zambezi river, down to the southernmost tip of Africa. Each piece of leather bears witness to life in the bush: from the roar of the mighty lion to the smallest tick on a cow’s back, from the sharp African buffalo-thorn tree to farmer’s pointed barbed wire. All materials are ethically sourced: the leather comes from animals that died naturally or were culled for wildlife management reasons and the cloth would otherwise would be destroyed and disposed of?

Izit hats were born one summer’s night around the campfire as a bunch of mates pondered what made the perfect bush hat. Since we couldn’t find one, we decided to make them ourselves. The hats needed to be tough and rugged enough to withstand the blazing African sun, strong enough to hold up to torrential storms and stylish enough to be worn around town. It took a while, but we think we got the balance just right: a simple, no-nonsense hat that will last for years.

In fact, we were so impressed with the first hats out of the workshop that we decided to offer a “buy back” programme. If you ever decide to stop using your Izit hat, send it back to us and we’ll give it new life: it’s fantastic for the environment and helps us give back through local charity shops.