What Makes IZIT Hats Unique?

Izit Leather Hats are imported directly from Sunny South Africa where only the finest leather is used to produce hats of the highest quality. Our founder Mark first started selling hats in his native South Africa before moving to England and importing the hats directly to maintain the required standards.
  • HIGH QUALITY DURABLE LEATHER: Izit hats are designed with your comfort in mind and made of the highest-quality leather. They’re soft and supple, rugged and tough yet lightweight enough to be comfortable. Removable, adjustable straps ensure you’ll keep your hat on in wind, rain, dust and storms. Ethically sourced in the wilds of southern Africa, each unique Izit hat is hand crafted in boutique factories in South Africa
  • ADAPTABLE: easily foldable with a flexible brim, perfect for travel, your Izit hat will bounce back into shape after being crushed in a suitcase or pack. These hats are water resistant and their wide brim keeps sun and rain off your face and neck, leaving you fully protected no matter the weather. Stylish design moves seamlessly from back-country to city
  • SAFE: a secret money pocket in the top of the hat allows you to carry a credit card and cash, keeping your valuables safe and your hands free
  • EASY CARE: waxy industrial-strength thread keeps the seams strong. To lengthen the life of your hat, simply wipe it clean then apply leather food, wax, polish or cream evenly across the whole hat, gently buff and leave to dry slowly [replace with instructions for suede hat as required]
  • WARRANTY AND BUY-BACK: We know you’ll want to keep your Izit hat for life, because with every use it will become more and more your own. In the unlikely event that you decide to part with yours, simply send it back to us and we’ll ensure it gets a second life in a local charity shop in South Africa. It’s good for the environment, good for the local economy and will give your hat a chance for more adventure. Hats are covered by a manufacturer’s warrantee on fair wear and tear.

We value our friends, family and customers, so If you’re happy with your hat and our service please tell your friends and family, if you’re unhappy please tell us. We’ll do everything in our power to make sure you’re a happy customer again.

Izit is about great quality hats at reasonable prices, we believe that if quality is purchased first time this avoids buying the same item twice. And that’s no Bull!