Protect Your Friend

As soon as it’s delivered you’ll notice that your new best friend is of the highest quality. It will last for years faithfully by your side, but to keep it at its best requires a little TLC.

  • Leather hat care instructions: While our leather is tough as nails it is still needs some tender loving care, when applying leather food, wax, polish or cream to leather it’s important that its applied evenly across the leather then gently buffed and left to dry slowly.
  • Suede hat care instructions: The suede, used to craft our hats undergoes a water resistant treatment during the tanning process. So are good for the rain. Our hats will benefit from a gentle suede or nubuck spray applied once or twice a year. Using a dry sponge or suede brush give the hat a light brush from time to time, which will help to improve the napp and have the hat looking fresh again.
  • Canvas and Cotton hat care instructions: As with our Suede hats, these hats undergo a water resistant treatment, so are good for the rain. Our hats will benefit from being treated with a water resistant spray once or twice a year.

If you travel with your hat or find at any time that it has become a little creased or wrinkled, just warm it up gently on the inside with a hairdryer and mould it with your hands.