Tracker Canvas Breezy


Men’s Light Breezy Canvas Hat - Hand Crafted in South African Boutique Factory - Cowboy/Outback/Australian hat Style

  • HIGH QUALITY DURABLE CANVAS: Izit hats are designed with your comfort in mind and made of the highest-quality materials. They're soft and supple, rugged and tough yet lightweight enough to be comfortable. Removable, adjustable straps ensure you'll keep your hat on in wind, rain, dust and storms. Ethically sourced in the wilds of southern Africa, each unique Izit hat is hand crafted in boutique factories in South Africa
  • ETHICALLY sourced material which has been beautifully hand crafted in bespoke family workshops which have been creating hats for men since the 1800’s
  • Canvas
  • ADAPTABLE: light easily foldable with a flexible brim, perfect for travel, your Izit hat will bounce back into shape after being crushed in a suitcase or pack. These hats are water resistant and their wide brim keeps sun and rain off your face and neck, leaving you fully protected no matter the weather. Stylish design moves seamlessly from back-country to city with this bush hat
  • EASY CARE: just use a brush and a bit of water to clean them. If you have a heavy set-in stain on your canvas hat, powdered cleaners will work wonders. Apply a protector spray from time to time to enhance the hats water resistance.
  • WARRANTY AND BUY-BACK: Absolutely unique & 100% satisfaction guarantee we know you'll want to keep your Izit hat for life, because with every use it will become more and more your own. In the unlikely event that you decide to part with yours, simply send it back to us and we'll ensure it gets a second life in a local charity shop. It's good for the environment and good for the local economy. Hats are covered by a manufacturer's WARRANTY on fair wear and tear.

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